martes, junio 12, 2007

Faunativa goals

Faunativa is a young, non profit organization whose main goals are spreading issues like why and how stop Climate Change, through building a stronger environmental conscience, using media, studies, research and taking action with feasible projects and rational activism.
Our current projects are a wildlife breeding in The Sierra de Tamaulipas, the organization of small cooperatives related to alternative production and the promotion of the windbreak curtains plantation in a deep degraded area in the Northeast of Tamaulipas.
This last initiative could be binational, because is the same eco-region both sides of the border and its impact would be good to our countries.
Our focus is to convince rural producers, who misunderstand the presence of trees in sown fields, believing affect them negatively, competing for the soil moisture, so they did cut down the curtains left when the land was open for irrigation agriculture. Now seventy years after, Aeolic erosion, moisture loss, plant stress, etc. brought down productivity, water scarce and environment degradation. These actions could be a key also, to preserve moisture decreasing water consumption, a critical issue among our two countries
Our plan is spread printed material like posters, brochures; radio spots; organize producer-technicians-government boards and a central organization to coordinate all the actions.
Although financial support exists in Mexican government and international programs, we know the importance of the bi-national cooperation, even more significant because we share the same eco-region and in summer the dominant winds are from the south.
What we are looking is the support of USA environmental organizations, in the way to get a bigger impact, bringing up a regional issue to the international scenery compelling our governments to act.
Our commitment is unconditional, going beyond commercial or economic interests. It is a matter of survival.
Thanks for your interest and the support you can give us. Be certain that we can improve our life and the wounded earth, our home, and finally, ourselves like part of it.

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